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Nowadays, I think it’s simply too passé to just shoot a guy a text saying “Hey, I miss you.” Where are the days of John Cusacks standing below our windows with a boom box? Most men nowadays get tired of toting an iPod after fifteen minutes. Let’s face it: we’ve gotten lazy in the ways of courting.

Men might not always admit it, but they love a girl who can step up her game and up the stakes in the game of seduction. So, ladies, stand up and take it upon yourself to impress your boy-to-be!

Lets face it, snail mail is pretty much dead.  It’s seriously a shame, but it actually works in our favor – guys will NEVER see a letter coming! It’s not hard to get somebody’s address, and, because most people don’t expect to find anything besides bills and catalogues in their mailbox, your little message will brighten their day exponentially. My personal favorite move is to send a postcard. If you can find one with a silly or vintage picture, it’ll definitely make him smile. Or, if you live in a tiny town (like I do,) go somewhere zany, like the local petting zoo. It’s the thought that counts, and no matter what the message, he’ll appreciate that you were thinking of him, and the originality behind this idea is absolutely adorable!

Take matters into your own hands and try to plan a date!  It’s no secret that guys love a domestic woman. And while I refuse to play into that “stay-in-the-kitchen” stereotype so beloved by the men of our generation, everybody can appreciate a do-it-yourself picnic. The point here isn’t to showcase your cooking skills, but to show affection and attention. If you’re not the cooking type, grab a cheap basket and throw together two boxes of make-your-own salad from the local grocery store salad bar, and pair with a bottle of Perrier and some solo cups. If you’re feeling particularly sweet, grab two individually packaged slices of cake for desert. Claim a spot for you and your beau on a grassy lawn, and just enjoy each other’s company. Remember: this trip isn’t meant to be expensive, but just to show that you enjoy being around him! There’s nothing sweeter than a cute picnic, and every boy will appreciate this retro “girl-next-door” move!

In the winter months, there’s nothing better than curling up to watch a movie with your man. But in summer, there’s so much more to do – your days are free to visit museums, concerts, zoos, and sporting events on dates. So make sure you go out and experience them!  Join a discount website ( I love or and get amazing deals on tickets for plays, baseball games, and daytrips to local tourist attractions in your region. Guys love a girl who can make moves, so be that girl!

In a relationship you don’t care about, it’s easy to grow apathetic; it’s easy to be content with the same thing week after week. You fall into patterns: watch a movie, make out, and text when you’re apart. But if you want a storybook romance with some flash and excitement, don’t let yourself sink into this routine! Instead, knock his socks off with your creative ideas and spontaneous attitude. Keep your relationship fresh and fun, and I guarantee that these tips and tricks won’t fail to show him you’re a catch!

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