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By Drew Waldo > Senior >English and Journalism > University of Maryland, Photo By Riley Blanks > Sophomore > Sociology and Studio Art > University of Virginia  

Valentines Day! The time of year when the semester is young, and school functions either as an obstacle for those students lucky in love, or as a welcome distraction for those who think of themselves as unhappily single. Whichever category listeners fall into, the following list of songs offers advice for all when it comes to going about the relationship routine, together or alone.

1. “Lust for Life” Girls

In this very short and simple list of all the things that will make Girls happy is a rundown of most every simple life necessity. It is a reminder of purpose.
Listeners should take this song as they wish: a celebration of a relationship, a doubt about fidelity, or a morose reminder of why the library is where they first hear this song.
This song is originally by Band of Horses, whose version leans more to the still-in-love interpretation of the song’s title.
Slinking down dark side streets just to feel like you have a place to be? The Modern Lover’s Peter Gunn-esc nod to a womanizing artist’s prowess may speak to the lonely listener. Or instill a sense of appreciation for those who no longer pine for artist’s girlfriends.
“Alex Chilton” the song and also maybe the man, are about music-love. As the Velvet Underground were to Jonathan Richman when he sang for the Modern Lovers, Big Star (led by Alex Chilton) was to Peter Westerberg. Westerberg sings about being in love with “that song” with an infectious exuberance.
Love is bipolar, love is the acoustic track on the album, and love begins sometimes after it ends. “Pale Blue Eyes” is a classic because of its juxtaposition of such complex absurdities with its haunting simple melody.
Seeing these two bands next to each other may cause convulsions for some, but both of these tracks deal heavily in nostalgia, though “We Looked Like Giants” is more likely to give listeners chills upon the first listen.
“I never thought about you this winter, I never thought about you this spring, but now that summer is here.” To say as critics have that jj writes bedroom music (as in, they recorded it in their bedroom), could have a couple of meanings.
Beach House was even more hazy of a group in the beginning. This track from their self-titled debut captures a very slow fight, like the two people involved are hardly the ones in control.
From his Square Shells EP, Vile gets at the essential need for friends beyond the circle of two. Though, it is less clear whether the song’s “best friend” is the significant other or not, so listeners can do with this what they like.
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