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Sure, it’s just one day, but whether your one of the many couples or many singles Valentine’s Day is the day. For weeks, people stress out over what to do for this red and white holiday. This year, forget about the classic (but cliché) dinner, chocolate, and the newest movie. Instead, soak up some of entertainment’s best options for this special, love filled holiday and consider starting fresh. Whether you’re single or committed, planning on going out or staying in, these options will surely make your Valentine’s Day memorable.

Creative Flicks: Independent theatres and drive-in movies are making a come back this Valentine’s Day, shooting romantic films that we all consider classics. The Brattle Theatre in Boston, for instance, is doing a special showing of Casablanca. Check out some of these venues for an alternative to the modern multiplex.

Tuning in to the Past: Nick at Nite is doing a special Valentine’s Day marathon all day on the 14th. Classic shows, such as The Wonder Years, Happy Days, and Herbie the Love Bug will be running throughout the day for couples (and singles) to tune into.
Throwing out the old: In response to the modern clutches of social media, breaking up with your ex had become almost impossible. Your Tango, online leader of love and relationships, has provided a solution (or a revolution), declaring Feb. 13 the first annual “Break Up With Your Ex Day.” For those still emotionally tied to those of their past, they are encouraged to un-friend, un-follow, delete phone numbers, remove songs from your playlist- to make a breach with the old, so that this Valentine’s Day can be about starting new. 



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