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For decades, the silver screen has been inspiring designers and fashion enthusiasts. In today’s world, the fashion scene is more likely to be dictated by the stars in the movies than the movies themselves, but this winter’s movies show costumes and scenery filled with fashion inspiration. Take a look at how celebrities are getting inspired by these hot movies.  


Black Swan:
Despite its haunting premise, Black Swan inspires some of the prettiest clothing for this winter. No, you should not wear a tutu to a party on a Saturday night. You can, however, wear a tutu inspired skirt in a light pink, grey, or white. Pair the skirt with black or grey tights and a loose fitting sweater for a pretty, ballerina-inspired look. Everyone knows the infamous opening sequence in Sex and the City with Carrie wearing a simple tank top and ballerina skirt. That skirt was found by Patricia Field, the costume designer for Sex and the City, at a thrift store. Think about how you can creative at thrift stores and dance supply stores with tutus, leggings, and shrugs. Keep your look light and flowing and don’t be afraid to layer materials and textures. 
Country Strong:
Don’t look for rugged country in Country Strong—the style here is much more glamorous. Leighton Meister, playing the part of Chiles Shanton, is the epitome of this flashy, fun, country look. So how do you rock her fashion without looking like you’re headed to the rodeo? When looking for inspiration,l look no further than Taylor Swift. This young pop star does the perfect job of fusing high end fashions, with a Nasville inspired look. Use western inspired accessories to make a statement. Pair a studded western belt with a bright sundress for a fresh look that isn’t too “Nashville.” If you’re not afraid to take a risk with this trend, go all out and pair your sundress with cowboy boots for an easy, relaxed look. Just don’t make it too inspired by the movie or Swift—if you’re wearing a studded western belt, cowboy boots, a plaid shirt, and a cowboy hat, you might have gone too far. 
Tron: Legacy:
Fashion might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of this sequel to the 80’s cult classic, Tron. After all, how wearable are neon glowing suits? The answer is “not very.” However, the clothing and accessories that they inspire can be very wearable and fashionable for this coming season. Who could forget Katy Perry’s bright neon hair extensions in her Firework video? Purple and blue hair might not be great for an 8 a.m. Instead, try fusing accessories with some bright neon into your wardrobe. Start off with a classic little black dress and add accessories depending on how comfortable you are with the trend. If you want to ease into it, just wear bright earrings or a bright bracelet. If you want to get a little more into this futuristic look, try bright blue or pink heels. This look isn’t really office or class friendly, so only whip out your hot pink shoes on Saturday night when you’re ready to dance to Katy Perry. 
True Grit:
Whereas Country Strong displayed a more “glam country” look, Joel and Ethan Cohen’s remake of the classic movie True Grit shows a more rugged look—think more “wild, wild west” than Nashville. The character of Mattie Ross, played by newcomer Hailee Steinfield, spends the movie donning prim and proper costumes. Despite being tailored, the look is still rugged. The Spring 2011 runways are seeing this touch of grittiness and celebrities are starting to get inspired by the looks on the runway. Ashley Tisdale was recently spotted at LAX airport wearing a sturdy pair of black leather boots, jeans, a big brown leather belt, and a chunky knit sweater with a western inspired patter. The look that Ross wears in the movie might not work for a Saturday night date or an early morning class, but touches of her western look can. Perhaps a big leather belt to cinch outfits at the waist, and rather than looping the belt loop normally, tie it in a knot for a fresh take on a classic staple. 



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