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Cocky comedian Chelsea Handler knows just how to handle life’s inevitable embarrassments: with sarcasm and self-deprecation. With just the right blend of entertainment news and its mockery, Handler’s E! Network show, Chelsea Lately, reports on the craziest microcosm of them all—Hollywood. Since the inception of Chelsea Lately, the show’s namesake hostess has developed her own production company and sold out a 21-city comedy tour.

The New Jersey native proved her wit is just as strong on paper as it is on screen, penning three irreverent tell-alls that swept top spots on the New York Times Best Seller list. Handler talks to CM about her books, her family and how even the notoriety is a dream come true.

College Magazine: Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang is laugh out loud hilarious. what’s your favorite story to tell?
Chelsea hander: I like to talk about the Cabbage Patch Doll. It shows how mistreated I was as a child, which explains a lot for people who don’t understand me as an adult.
CM: What has been your most epic prank?
CH: I convinced my friend/driver/favorite black man with an English accent that another male friend of mine was a woman undergoing gender reassignment surgery. It was pretty amazing.
CM: what inspired you to write your life experiences into book form? planning any more books in your future?
CH: The first book was a way to get out of having to waitress. The other two were because I had so much fun writing the first one. The next book will be a bunch of stories from friends and family, about the lies that I’ve told them. It’s scary how many of those stories are out there. It may have to be a series of books, like “Sweet Valley High” but not at all.
CM: When you were younger did you ever see yourself writing books or having your own show? How has your life changed because of your success?
CH: I just knew I wanted people to know who I was, and now they do. It’s definitely changed; I never thought I’d have my shit together enough to own a home.
CM: What were the challenges of getting started in comedy?
CH: It doesn’t pay well for several years. That’s a challenge.
CM: what inspired you to create Borderline Amazing Comedy? Which comedian do you love embarrassing most?
CH: There are so many great comedians that come on the show. Being able to keep working with them and see what other projects we could do together was the main goal of Borderline Amazing. I like messing with Jo Koy, but for the most part he embarrasses himself, so I have little work to do.
CM: Any advice for students who want to be professional comedians?
CH: Never take ecstasy before you go on stage.
CM: What role has your family and upbringing played in who you are today? How did your family react to their presence in your books?
CH: They had a huge role in it. You don’t grow up with that many people in one house without them affecting you. They love their presence in the books, for the most part they’re thrilled just to be mentioned in general.
CM: How does it feel to be a pinup girl? What was your playboy experience like?
CH: I didn’t eat anything but arugula for 3 weeks. What’s worse is I didn’t drink, either. I don’t really consider myself a “pin-up girl” since I didn’t show my boobies, but if people want to call me that, I’ll take it.
CM: what’s the secret to your sexy confidence and ability to look hot while still indulging in your favorite beverage, vodka?
CH: Belve; it’s sugar free, and making my Pilates instructor live with me.
CM: Any advice for college girls aspiring to lead your renaissance-like life? CH: Know when to leave a party before you embarrass yourself.
CM: Best part of hosting the VMAs?
CH: Riding off into the sunset on a Rascal with Rick Ross. It’s every woman’s fantasy.

Get to Know Chelsea:

Family:Handler grew up in New Jersey as the youngest of six children. After breaking up
with her long-time beau in January, Chelsea says she’s loving the single life.

Breaking into the Biz: Handler moved to L.A.—with dreams of becoming an actress—when
she was 21 after dropping out of college.

Books: To date, Handler has written three pithy memoirs: My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands, Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea; and Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang.



On the cover of Handler’s most recent book, “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang,” the outrageous bombshell poses with the most reliable male in her life—Chunk, her dog. In 2009 Handler adopted the four-legged furball from the pound after a friend told her the dog was to be put down. And in true Hollywood rag-to-riches glory, the pooch now has a Twitter account. With over 84,000 followers.

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