Ladies Listen Up: CM’s Gifts For Guys

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Ladies, this article is for you. Take this as a serious hint: your man wants something from this list. Pick one; I’m sure he will love it. Pick two; not necessary, but hey if you got it and you love the guy, why not? Get the guy nothing if you think he doesn’t deserve it, but hey that’s none of my business. Take a gander below at the top 10 gifts for men this holiday season:

1.) Tickets

It seems as if every person I asked answered with this. Ladies, take note and take action.

“For Christmas I'd love for my girlfriend to get me some Red Sox tickets.”

– Griffin Coakley, Freshman, Villanova University

“This year for Christmas I'm really hoping my girlfriend hooks me up with a new snowboard or tickets to a Bruins or Celtics game.”

–  Reinier Den Boggende, Freshman, Fairfield University

2.) A Night Out on the Town

Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so.

“If I could get a gift from my girlfriend, I would like to have a night out in the city. Start off with her taking me to dinner and then just walking around finding other little things to do. It would be nice to be taken to dinner rather than always having to take someone out. It's also not a very expensive gift, but to me it would mean a lot. To me expensive gifts are not as good as thoughtful ones. When someone buys me an expensive gift I feel awkward. I know my girlfriend likes me, she doesn't need to buy me [something] to show me that.”

– Peter Shaheen, Freshman, Wake Forest University

3.) Sports Jerseys

Just make sure you get him the right one and for the right team. If he is a Redskins fan, do not get him a Cowboys jersey. He will not be happy and it may result in the end of your relationship.

“At the top of my holiday wish list is a new Washington Wizards John Wall jersey.”

– Mitch Sachs, Sophomore, Virginia Tech

4.) Headphones

Bose, Beats by Dr. Dre, and Skullcandy all make great headphones. Your man’s ears will be pleased.

5.) Video Games

FIFA 12 and Madden 12 are both fantastic. Just don’t get jealous if he starts spending more time with his Xbox than you.

“For me, I definitely want a video game, preferably FIFA 12 or Madden 12, but any first person shooter would do. My favorite sports team's apparel would be cool also. Like a Ravens sweatshirt, or a replica jersey.”

– Andrew Nardella, Senior, Shepherd University

6.) Cornhole

Tailgating is 10x better when you have a Corhole game set up. College Cornhole USA offers great boards that you can buy and later customize to your liking. If money is a factor, sign up for CM’s cornole giveaway for a chance to win a free one!

7.) Music

The new Childish Gambino album is great and if you’re lucky, maybe he will give you a copy too.

8.) A Nice Bottle

Get him that bottle that he will only pickup once a year. Booze is always a gift welcomed with open arms.

9.) Sneakers

Men love shoes. Creative Recreation is a great place to start when looking for some new kicks.

“As this is my first Christmas with my girlfriend I am just hoping she doesn't get me something corny. I would like to get either new sneakers or some new clothes, but if she is being very generous I will ask for some sporting tickets to a Chicago Bulls or Bears game.”

– Kyle Stofko, Junior, Indiana University Bloomington

10.) You

Call it sappy if you want, but you are enough. If you have no money to spend, just put a bow on top of your head and deliver yourself to him.

“My friends, family, and my girlfriend are all I want. Basically the people I love the most.”

– David Foote, Freshman, Plymouth State University
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