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After a week of midterms and lots of budgeting, you finally have a set spring break game plan.  All of a sudden, you get a call from your mom asking what the SB details are. But whether she’s like Regina George’s “cool” mom (Mean Girls, always relevant) or more of a Cinderella stepmother, there are some things you should not tell your parents about the break. Here’s a few things you can tell them about and some stories you should probably omit:
Let Them Know
This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people lie to their folks about where they’re spending the week. This is something you should be completely honest about in case of an emergency. With the amount of reckless spring break kids, the chances of getting into an accident or alcohol-related problem increase. Imagine how bad it’d be if you had a car accident and needed to call your parent, who had no idea you were in the middle of Mexico. In this case, it really is better to be safe than sorry.
It might be tedious but telling mom and dad who you’re with is a must during spring break vacation. Even if they don’t like some of your comrades, knowing who they are could be crucial. This is also true for people you meet during vacation- especially those who are going to be hanging out with you again.
Police encounters
Underage drinking and disorderly conduct are some of the things that can get you in trouble during break week. Though I’m not encouraging anyone to take part in these activities, please notify your parents if you have a problem with cops. Trying to fix the issue yourself might work out, but you don’t want to end up in jail because you weren’t 100 percent sure.
Lie Through Your Teeth
Hooking up
Remember that girl you woke up next to on the deck of the ship? While you might be looking forward to bragging about sexy time in the middle of the Atlantic, you should never tell the parental unit about your rendezvous. This is especially true when you’re a bit… it friendly and have a story for each day of break. There’s a reason you’ve never seen a bumper sticker commending a child’s lengthy hookup list. It does not make the “Proud Mom Of” list.
Most of us have experienced that crazy college break. You know, the one where the fridge has more liquor than food. Parents are natural born worriers, so telling them that you downed 12 shots of tequila at 9 a.m. is not a good plan. Remember that our perception of too much and that of parents is very different. If they believe that you’re getting too drunk, they’ll be apprehensive about supporting future trips.
Blowing money
It’s hard to think about your bank account when facing pricey drinks and equally expensive cover fees during break. Unless your parents are paying for the trip, there’s no reason to tell them about those $12 mojitos. If you complain about the $300 you lost in Atlantic City, they will be more likely to deny future money requests. When it comes to spring break there’s no reason to tell your parents how badly you went over budget. They’ll call you out on wasting cash and nag about it for weeks. Save yourself the inconvenience.
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