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 Leaving school for the summer may be the most exciting part of second semester, but on the flip side, leaving your friends is always a downer. You probably will only keep up with or see a few people every now and then. However, there are several ways to stay connected with friends over the summer, and they may end up making your summer more eventful.

Social Networking is always a good way to see what everyone is doing, where friends are traveling, and their plans for the summer. “I usually use social networking to communicate with friends and use texting to communicate during the summer,” says Michelle White, an IU junior.

Checking your friends’ Facebook or Twitter regularly will keep you informed on what they are doing. I find it very convenient when friends post that they are close in location, making it convenient to meet up. However, when friends cannot meet up, video chatting is also an option to still see a friend despite their location.

Big summer events, like the fourth of July or Memorial Day, are great excuses to get off the computer and see friends in person. Concerts, festivals, carnivals, fairs, and sporting events are always fun activities to attend with friends. Plan to explore these local options with your pals or take road trips to these events in different places. 

Also, to shake things up, another unique idea is having an online book club. Picking up a novel every so often and commenting on it through Facebook, or another social site, can keep friends busy with jobs and other obligations connected over the summer as well.

Use these techniques to stay informed about all the fun adventures your peers are getting into!

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