It’s Not Too Late To Get An ‘A’

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With the countdown to the end of the semester approaching, it’s hard to focus on anything other than winter break and the looming holiday season. However, now more than ever it is crucial for students to put their best effort forward in order to finish their academic semesters strong. 

As students begin to enter what many refer to as the “end of the semester grind,” the following tips will help students to push forward and hopefully receive that final grade that they desire. 
1. Make a plan: before you dive into a twenty-page study guide, take the time to figure out where you are grade wise in each of your classes. A number of professors like to use a point system so figuring out your current grade can sometimes be as simple as adding up points. For those professors who don’t, many will likely be willing to discuss your current standpoint with you. 
2. Talk with your professors: if you haven’t taken the time to get to know your professor now may be the time to. Stop by their office hours and talk to them about the class or even just get to know them a little better. A teacher will almost always be more understanding to a student who takes the time to talk with them.
3. Get ahead on studying: if you have extra time in the next few weeks, start organizing old study guides, notes and even handouts. Studies have shown that studying over time and taking the effort to review your notes daily will ultimately be more beneficial in the end. 
4. Participate: a class participation grade is arguably the easiest grade you can earn. If you have been on the quieter side in class, share your opinions during a discussion or even ask your professor a question to get your voice heard.
5. Get to know your TA: Teacher’s assistants can be and should be one of your best resources. While most TA’s are also students, they will likely be more understanding and even helpful if there is a certain topic you need help with. 
While making sure to take advantage of the following things, it’s important that students avoid the classic end of the semester mistakes such as:
1. The plea for extra credit: while extra credit or even a paper rewrite are almost always a good option for boosting grades, many professors will have little sympathy for students who wait until the last day of classes to ask for it. Start talking with your teacher now if you think extra credit will benefit you.
2. Asking the professor to fix the problem: if your grade is not yet where you want it to be, go to your teacher with the problem as well as some possible solutions. If you suggest some options for helping to improve your grade your teacher will know you’re serious about it rather than expecting them to solve the problem for you. 
3. Avoid skipping class: although the end of the semester if chaotic and many students find themselves tempted to use up their number of allowed absences, having a consistent attendance record will almost always benefit you. This way you will be able to gather any last minute information before finals while also showing your professor you take their class seriously. 

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