It’s a New Site Baby!

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Wow, it’s finally here—our new site! Our goal was simple: make it cleaner. We also wanted to show you our best college articles and highlight our talented student writers. Here’s the breakdown of what the new-and-improved College Magazine has to offer:

Social: Looking to throw a themed party but sick of togas and neon sunglasses? In the Social section, we reveal the details of a new themed party each week. We also interview real students with amazing stories to share, cover Greek life from recruitment to the hazing scandals, report on spring break shenanigans and relive the unforgettable study abroad adventures.

Sex:This is where you’ll find our sexpert, Dr. Sawyer’s answers to your most curious questions about the dirty deed. And what would a sex section be without embarrassing dorm experiences? Our writers get investigative too, covering the real issues that happen on campus from one-night stands to relationships gone awry. 

Success: I call the Success section our heart because it’s why I created College Magazine. My goal is to help students make the most of their college experience, find their passion and ultimately succeed. The best part? Our advice isn’t written by your parents or professors, it’s by the student who knows what it’s like to fail a class or switch majors. In this section that we rip apart crummy resumes, share the tricks to getting the ‘A’ and give our readers a leg up on snagging their dream job.

Entertainment: Our writers get to interview the celebs you love, from the talented characters of Glee, to the hilarious Chelsea Handler, to the controversial Tucker Max. We follow music trends to bring you the hottest new albums of the month and we uncover the indie bands you’ve haven’t heard of….yet. Not to mention, shinning the spotlight on the amazing artists and entertainers right on your campus—because we believe in them.

Sports: Whether it’s basketball, competitive cheer or quidditch, our sports section provides the campus commentary that you won’t find on the regular sports sites. Beyond the athletes we look into sports business, like how to intern for the Yankees or break into sports marketing.

Intern: Looking for an internship? We post opportunities across every field that will get you the experience you need. And on our homepage post-it-note, we hand-select our favorite Non Coffee Fetching Internship of the day. We even offer our own College Mag internships—find out how to get involved!

Dorm: You have dorm needs. We’re here to meet them. Instead of heading to a million stores to find the mini fridge with the soda dispenser or a desk lamp that plays your ipod, we’ve found them for you.

College Magazine is my passion and it’s during college that you’ll find your passion too. I hope we can help you achieve everything you desire as you journey through these four exciting years. I’m interested to hear your thoughts, so please send me your feedback with the subject line “For the Publisher” to [email protected].

As College Magazine's Publisher, Amanda is passionate about creating the ultimate guide to college. She spends her free time soaking in the sun at Coronado dog beach or rocking her air guitar at The Casbah.

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