Is Bieber Fever Now Holiday Cheer?

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Every December marks the beginning of what seems to be month-long event, often dubbed the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. This means as families crack open the eggnog, dust off their menorahs, and students prepare to journey home for break, holiday spirit is in full swing. 

Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, for good or for bad, there is one infallible consequence of the holiday season: holiday-themed music.

It seems as though each December, without fail, artists come out of the woodwork to create the season’s new holiday hit. Sometimes these efforts consist of covered classics, while others endeavor to create classics of their own.

The most recent artist to jump on the holiday-music bandwagon is pop sensation Justin Bieber with his latest album entitled Under the Mistletoe.

Under the Mistletoe is a valiant effort by the pop star that taps into his youthful fan base with the catchy beats and love-song-esq lyrics that have become the Bieber trademark.

“Mistletoe”, the title track off the album, is certainly garnering a great deal of attention this holiday season, but how does it stack up against other classic holiday hits?

Here are three of the most famous holiday hits to-date:

"All I Want For Christmas Is You," Mariah Carey

As one of the most notable contemporary classics, Carey’s strong vocals and catchy tunes in this track have made it an absolute favorite come Christmas time.

"Jingle Bell Rock," Bobby Helms

You may forever associate this song with the movie “Mean Girls” but its popularity decades after it was created serves as a testament to the lasting power of a catchy jingle.

"The Chanukah Song," Adam Sandler

While Christmas songs certainly rule the radio during holiday season, Adam Sandler broke the mold with “The Chanukah Song,” which brought to the table a truly funny track that those who celebrate Chanukah can enjoy.

Ultimately, no matter which song you gravitate to on iTunes, these holiday favorites are bound to make an appearance at some point this season.

By the end of December you may cringe from hearing the ubiquitous “Jingle Bell Rock” blaring in your local supermarket but, love them or hate them, these songs are undoubtedly a staple in creating the holiday atmosphere.

While only time will tell if Bieber’s latest single will join the ranks of such beloved classics, those who frequent the mall and listen to the radio are sure to hear Bieber’s maturing voice in “Mistletoe” this season.

However, if “Mistletoe” doesn’t make the cut, carolers shouldn’t hold their breath just yet: next year the frosty season will bring with it more contenders and, as such, a whole new batch of holiday albums for your listening pleasure.

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