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Indie books are often cult favorites — books that manage to fly under the radar and not be appreciated for their full worth.  Some books you might have read in high school or even college could be worth more in perspective than you may realize.  And these books could give life a new outlook.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower-Stephen Chbosky

Perks is about Charlie, who doesn’t quite fit in to any group in high school.  The book explores several controversial topics such as drugs, homosexuality and coming of age.  Charlie becomes friends with Patrick and Sam and must learn to navigate his new friendships without seeming too immature.

One Hundred Open Houses-Consuelo Baehr

Rebecca is divorced, has grown kids and is stuck in a rut with her writing so she decides she needs to move.  The book explores Rebecca’s search for a new place to live through all of the open houses she attends.

The Snowman-Jo Nesbo

When a child wakes to find his mother murdered and a fresh snowman built on the lawn, detectives take to finding the killer.  Detective Hole becomes personally involved as the killer brings twists and turns.

Web of Lies-Sarah Tate

Web of Lies takes place in Switzerland, where Sarah Tate becomes romantically involved with Bill.  He gives her a relationship not often seen in this day, bringing her gifts, dinners and expensive getaways.  Sarah relates what it’s like to interact with somebody who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter-Tom Franklin

Set in the 70s, Crooked Letter tells the story of two completely different boys; Larry, son of a lower-middle class white family and Silas, son of a poor, single black mother.  When Larry goes on a date with a girl, the girl goes missing and all eyes fall on Larry.  After decades have passed, another girl goes missing and Larry and Silas must deal with the past.

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