Independence Tunes

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So, you've got your backyard grill set up (or take-out burger and a spot by the Hudson River if you're a New Yorker), and all you're waiting impatiently for the fireworks to start. If you want your Fourth of July to be popping before the explosives, though, you need a solid playlist.

Luckily, if you haven't spend weeks before combining the stellar mix of patriotic, fun and catchy tunes, the internet can come to your rescue. The staff at Spin Magazine put together a few mixes of what they deem Independence Day-appropriate music. With selections ranging from The National and Franz Ferdinand to Edith Piaf, it appears they covered all the bases while simultaneously proving you don't need to restrict yourself to the American continent when selecting your sounds for the day.
The fact that the playlists have so much international flair is a fantastic reminder for us to constantly think outside of our American bubble. Although the Fourth is the ultimate opportunity for patriotism, it's also a time to think of the U.S.'s place in the world. So throw some foreign sounds into the air along with the fireworks, and be happy to be an American, and a global citizen. Happy Fourth of July!

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