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When it comes to trends, it’s usually best to choose ones that are somewhat practical and applicable to your everyday life. I’m all for taking risks, but many don’t work for the college atmosphere. Students’ schedules revolve around class, studying, partying, and casual events with friends, and their wardrobes match accordingly. You may have loved the pearly hair accessories at Chanel, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to drive to the local Hobby Lobby and affix giant faux pearls to your head.

Other covetable-yet-obviously-unrealistic trends include bra tops (at Helmut Lang), ocean-inspired bodysuits (at Alexander McQueen) and fiery heels (at Prada). I dare you to try any of those at your morning classes. The futuristic Lucite trend may seem equally out-of-reach, but I’m here to tell you it can be surprisingly versatile, chic and subdued.

If “Lucite”sounds like a foreign term, I guarantee you’ve at least seen it in person: it’s that clear, lightweight plastic material that looks like glass (but doesn’t shatter). Lucite shoes were huge in the 90s; I remember one of my teachers had pumps with transparent Lucite heels and fake goldfish “swimming” inside them. Strange, yet amazing.

This season Lucite is popping up in nearly every store as a part of the very prevalent “futurism” trend, and the pieces are actually wildly accessible. While Lucite shoes were popular on the runway and in designer boutiques, I’m gravitating more towards streamlined Lucite accessories. Sunglasses, clutches, and oversized cuffs look fresh and modern in the slick plastic material thanks to their simple, uncomplicated shapes. Try wearing simple Lucite accessories with a bold, color-blocked outfit to maintain the sleek, modern effect.

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