Goal! CM’s Guide to Following Your Dreams

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You made it to college. You graduated from high school—barely or with flying colors, finally getting out of the parents’ house and grasp, even if just figuratively. Some of us are even on the verge of graduating from college.

But the next new thought crossing the minds of every student is… “Now what?”

College Magazine is here to help students become successful and positive post-graduation. We’ve combined a list of tips to guide students through the process of figuring out how to begin treading the path toward achieving those goals.

5 Years’ Time

Now is the time to set some serious goals if you haven’t already. Start with asking where you want to be in the next five years or so. Since college is already on your plate, that already accomplishes a solid four years. If you begin thinking about a plan, the steps toward it will come soon after.

Stick with it!

Begin brainstorming on ways that you can follow through with your plan. Do some investigating. Ask some questions. Spelman College junior Crystal Jackson says that researching what you’re interested in and studying methods on how to accomplish your goals are key facets in the goal-planning process.

“You get out of this process what you put into it,” Jackson said. “If you really want to reach that goal, work hard for it, research, and find out all the information necessary to make obtaining that goal easier for you—and don’t ever give up.

The Balancing Act

Nothing can be accomplished without the proper willpower. Keep your eyes on the prize and learn how to use “tunnel-vision.” Trust your instincts and don’t let negativity slow you down. Virginia Commonwealth University senior Atara Muhammad says that maintaining a sense of balance is essential to great focus.

“Focus and balance are definitely key,” Muhammad said. “As long as you stay true to what your goals are and balance your social life and your workload appropriately, success will be in your near future.”

Negative Nancy

Along with balance comes positivity. There will always be the occasional “hater” that will try to minimize your success or your new mindset. But as the saying goes, “haters make the world go ‘round.” Don’t let negativity or pessimistic individuals bring you down. Fashion Institute of Technology senior Jordan Jackson says it’s important to “stay determined and not be deterred by any negativity.”

You did it!

There is no feeling better than the one you get after knowing that all of your hard work went to something great. Crystal Jackson says that achieving your goals can be a great motivational tactic and a confidence boost.

“The sense of accomplishment you receive after completing a goal will not only boost your confidence, but will also put you in a better position to make and reach bigger and better goals,” Jackson said.

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