I Love My School Because…

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This Valentine's Day students took the time to focus on the things they truly love…college. While significant others may come and go most will find the one relationship they can always count on is that with their respected university.

Of course any four-year relationship is bound to have its ups and downs, but at the end of the day no student can help but be endlessly devoted to their place of study and all the quirky things that their campuses bring. The following students share the things they just absolutely love about their schools.

“I love how my school is close enough to the city but far enough away to have a real campus. Having the opportunity to go into the city whenever I want but live in the suburbs has always been really cool.”

– Vinnie Muma, Boston College

“I love my school’s sororities and fraternities and being a part of them.”

– Alessandra Giugliano, University of California Los Angeles 

“I love my schools yearly tradition of Clam Jam on the beach. It’s the best way to end the year.”

– Meaghan Winn, Fairfield University 

“I love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Providence. It’s easily become one of my favorite holidays since being in college.”

– Patrick Bowler, Providence College 

“I love bundling up in twelve layers of clothing every time I leave a building on campus.”

– Kelly Rich, Northwestern University 

“I love how good our men’s ice hockey team is and watching them every season.”

– Andrew Ju, Boston University 

“I love the first warm weather day during spring semester when everyone is finally outside on the green space.”

– Anna Ribas, Bentley University 

“I love how helpful my school is with resumes and how good our career center is. I always feel a step ahead because of them.”

– James Kelley, Iona College 

“I love how diverse my school is and how I’ve been able to meet people from all over the world.”

– Nina Shapiro, Carleton College

“I love playing lacrosse and being able to spend all spring with my teammates.”

– Katherine McDonough, Stonehill College 

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