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In news that is probably equivalent to receiving a pound of Honeydukes candy for Harry Potter fans, the last installment in the film series will have you wishing it's not the end. In a review in the U.K. newspaper, The Guardian, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, reportedly "puts the magic back into the Harry Potter Franchise."

Although regardless of favorable (or unfavorable) reviews, fans would be lining up by the thousands to see this movie, it's refreshing to hear something actually positive after all these years. The most additions to the films, not to mention the earlier ones, have all received lukewarm reviews — at best. Never, though, have negative reviews been so insignificant in determining enthusiasm over a film's release.
According to the Guardian, though, the last installment truly gives the actors a chance to shine, and gives the fans the emotional satisfaction they will need to survive the illness that will most likely cripple them for the next few months — Post Potter Depression. The release of the final movie cements the unavoidable fact that never again will you be able to pop on your specs and Gryffindor scarf and wait in line at the most crowded movie you've ever seen with other fanatics (well, unless the franchise pulls a re-release, à la Lord of the Rings). 
But with a quality experience at the theater, fueled by more than unconditional love for our favorite wizards and witches, the sadness surrounding the end of the series will be much easier to face.

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