How To Throw THE Bash of the Summer

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At the start of each summer, I always have a storyboard running in my head of what the upcoming months will be like.  That storyboard almost always resembles something very Blue Crush-esque, sprinkled with some classic Real World and Skins moments.  Sketches of myself, looking a little more Blake lively and a little less me, surrounded by free-spirited, bikini-clad friends, tiki torches, and boys in Ray Bans line the never-ending poster board. The sad truth is, I live hours from the ocean, have never touched a surfboard, and well… nightclubs around here are a little less Orange County and a little more Roadhouse. In retrospect from the more comfortably tame month of September, I grasp that while I may have passed for a Skins character a handful of times, overall I had a500 Days of Summer (I’m Tom, not Summer) summer.  Maybe throw in a little of MTV’s Awkward, and there you have it. 
But who says our geographical proximity to the beach and our inability to cruise through a block party in a Range Rover blaring Drake stints our definition of fun? I’ve reluctantly come to realize summer (and life, in general) is not a Bing commercial.  Nor is it a preview for the next episode of The OC.  I know I’m not the only one with these very unrealistic expectations, so let’s throw them out!
We’re here to help you spice up those parties that seem to be a replay of the night before… and the night before… and the night before.  Our list of summer party suggestions will help you transform an everyday Red Solo cup party to a, well… not so everyday glow-in-the-dark-margarita one. There is hope! You don’t, in fact, need to be a model in Miami to have a classic summer party. Disclaimer: Prepare to let your inner child break free!
Jello shots
Probably not a new concept to any of you, but for the love of God, stop putting them in cups you could find in a hospital supply room!  Check out all the fun things you can do with them here.
Water balloons

A good way to take a party from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of seconds: Smash someone in the face with a water balloon.  The recipient may not be happy, but chances are many others won’t have a problem jumping in on the action immediately. (P.S. Make sure to fill A LOT of balloons because there’s no gloomier feeling than running out of balloons prematurely.)
Glow in the drinks

Glow sticks are a party favorite, so why not turn your drink into one?  Just nestle a glow stick into the bottom of a cup (the first cup does not need to be see-through) and place a smaller, see-through cup on top of it. 
Glow in the dark chalk

Chalk is fun, but glow in the dark chalk is really freaking fun.
Tiki torches

So maybe I haven’t completely let go of my Blue Crush fantasies, but nothing screams summer party louder than some flaming tiki torches.
Bobbing for apples (or whatever else you please)

A classic icebreaker that seems to have become dismissed following the elementary school era. Seriously though, a party physically cannot be awkward when you’re trying to fish stuff out of a giant pool of water with your face.
Nostalgic novelties

We’re talking trampolines, hula hoops, Skip-Its.  Get your partiers off the couch and jumping on a pogo stick instead!
Classic Games

You’d be lying if you said you don’t fondly reminisce about the days of spot light.  How about an intense round of hide and seek? Besides, it’s kind of an excuse for us college-aged kids to play a reincarnated version of Seven Minutes in Heaven.
Karaoke (homebody style)

Save yourself the embarrassment of screeching to an audience of bar-goers and belt it out on your back porch instead.  Free from the constraints of society, you’re even able to add in some custom choreography if you’d like!

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