How to Pull Off a Spring Break Seduction

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There’s nothing like Spring Break to get a person in the mood for a good old fashioned meaningless fling. While hookups are great at home, something about a new place makes them much more exciting. Whether you’re traveling to a tropical locale or visiting a friend from home, the specimen always seem so much more exotic during class-free days and booze-fueled nights. Plus, the added bonus of not having to run into your fling on campus makes the Spring Break seduction especially attractive. So go on, give in to your baser urges, because what happens on break, stays on Spring Break.


Choose your target. At a resort or popular vacation destination, it’s easy to find a willing stranger. Everyone’s there for the same purpose: to party, tan and make out with randos, so it’s easy to select your victim and go for it. In a colder destination, it may be more difficult, but a few drinks can solve that problem in a jiffy.

Plant the seed. As with any tryst, there has to be a bit of buildup before you seal the deal. Introduce yourself, shoot the breeze, maybe drop a few pick-up lines. Don’t be afraid to lay it on thick – no come-on is too cheesy for a spring break hookup. Go ahead, get your flirt on.

Get close. Physical contact is sexy. The anticipation of it is sexier. Whether you’re chatting at a bar or getting cozy in the pool, make sure you establish close physical proximity with your target. Make eye contact and don’t be afraid to let your hands wander. Oh, your bathing suit bottom is untied? Here, let me fix that for you…

Go in for the kill. On spring break, time is of the essence. In a week, you’ll most likely never see the people you meet again. Take advantage of that fact and don’t be shy. There’s no point in wasting time playing hard to get. Roll up your sleeves and get down to business.

Follow up. If you want to be kept busy for the entirety of your break, it’s important to remind your hookup that you’re around and feelin’ frisky. Don’t be too enthusiastic though – nobody’s trying to get married in this situation. A classic 1 AM “Hey wut r u doing” text will do. Then, when your vacation is over…

 Drop off the face of the earth. Don’t get too attached to your one- or two-night-stand. The beauty of this situation is the lack of commitment. Feelings are annoying and should be left to the campus crushes back at home. And to avoid uncomfortable Internet stalking, no Facebook friending allowed. If you’re really committing to the Spring Break seduction, you won’t know your hookup’s last name anyway. Moral of the story: Spring Break flings should stay that way.  


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