How to have a Conversation with Someone you Met but Don’t Remember

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We’ve all been there: you’re out somewhere and you’re approached by a person that you swear you have never seen in your life–but they know you. It’s that awkward moment when they start a conversation with you expecting that you remember them, and there you are… searching for some slight memory of what their name is. Whatever the reason for your momentary lapse in memory, before you end up embarrassing yourself, CM has the answers!

Introduce and Excuse: Grab a friend and bring them over. When the two are together say “Oh this is…” and at that moment, dump your drink all over yourself and excuse yourself to the bathroom. Tell them you will be right back and to introduce themselves. When you get back, ask your friend what is the person’s name.

Where am I?: Try and figure out where you met them by saying, “Wow, I haven’t talked to you since…” and then pause and motion towards them like you don’t exactly remember the name of the place but you definitely remember them. 

John!: If you don’t care that much if they think you’re insane, you can call them a random name. “Oh wow! John, I haven’t seen you in ages!” You’re either going to be corrected very quickly or you might get lucky and that might actually be their name.

Text Me: If you have managed to get through a conversation without even knowing their name or having any clue who they are, then you can use the phone number excuse. Tell them they should hit you up sometime and to text you. Then, say that you got a new phone–in case you already got their number– and tell them to text you with their name so you know it is them and you can add them.

And if you still don’t remember them after that…Google them.

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