Awkward social situations and how to handle them

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Life is full of awkward situations. We can run away from them (and make things more awkward) or face them head on. Here are some awkward situations you might face regularly and what you can do to get through them while keeping your dignity.

Standing in an elevator

Elevators are just one of those places where there is an expectation of quiet. Unless there’s a top secret conversation to be had. Small talk in an elevator can be uncomfortable and irritating. Solutions? Bring headphones…or just take the stairs.

Not knowing someone’s name even though they know yours

Oh hey…and the awkward silence. Here's a responsible way to get out of this situation unscathed. Learning how to Facebook stalk on the fly will also be helpful.

Boarding a Southwest Airlines plane

The discount airline is great for last minute deals, and with their two free-checked bags option, you can’t go wrong. That is until it’s time to board the plane. The arduous lining up process involves awkward waving of boarding passes and avoiding eye contact with other passengers. How much extra does it really cost to give your passengers seat numbers?

Paying off a bill less than $5 with a credit card

No other country has an addiction to plastic like the US of A. In case you didn’t know, businesses have to pay a certain percentage from the sale to credit card companies. So be nice, hit the ATM once in awhile.

Texting the wrong person the WRONG thing

That’s why you were always taught to proofread. Once you hit send, there’s no turning back.

Hearing Your Neighbors…Playing Bagpipes

Metaphorically speaking, nobody wants to be able to hear their neighbors playing the bagpipes. It’s annoying and frankly uncomfortable. So do everyone a favor and keep it down. Walls are made of tissue paper these days.


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