How to Change your wardrobe from collegiate to corporate

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We’re all in college to graduate and (hopefully) get an awesome job soon afterwards and the only way to get there is to dress for success. We’ve always heard those words, but what does it really mean? And how do we get that professional look without breaking the bank or getting to overwhelmed?

Start off with the basics and go from there. Most business majors will tell you to buy yourself a good suit. You can wear these to job fairs, interviews and any other professional setting you might find yourself in.

If you’re going down a less formal career path, or a suit is just too scary and grown up for you, a good pair of dress pants and a blazer will be just as good.

"A new working wardrobe should be built with easy separates that are versatile enough to create multiple looks," said The Limited's Senior Vice President of Design, Elliot Staples. 

Don’t feel bad about spending a little extra cash on these either; you’ll probably have them for the next 10 years. Be sure to keep these items classic though. Flair might be in now, but you want these pieces to go with everything and get your moneys worth!

Once you’re starting to feel comfortable with a more adult wardrobe, go for some pencil skirts (you know you’ve always wanted to get that sexy secretary look), dresses, short heels, blouses and good flats (not the $5 ones you usually get at Target).

When you’re shopping though, always keep in mind the three B’s that you want to keep tucked away: boobs, booty and belly. Nothing says unprofessional like looking too sexy in a work environment.

It can be hard to show your personality when your confined to such style restraints, but it can be done! Show your individuality with prints on shirts and accessories.

These things can spice up a wardrobe and really show everyone who you are. These are also two things that tend to change with the trends, so you can cheap out on your bangles at Claire’s, no one has to know how much you spent on them!

Still not sure where to start? Nordstrom’s has a great feature where you can actually chat with a fashion consultant online who can suggest specific items or sections of their website to shop on.


“Be sure to dress the part you want, as great style conveys confidence and trust…a well put together appearance denotes well put together work," said Staples. 

Most importantly, make sure everything you buy is a perfect fit for your body.

Now shop away! And always remember, when you look good, you feel good! 


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