How to Avoid the Friend Zone

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In the movie, Just Friends, Ryan Reynolds is in love with his best friend, but she can’t seem to get the hint. As funny as it is to watch this scenario on screen, when “the friend” is you, it doesn’t seem so humorous. 

Whether you are male or female, hearing, “Oh, we’re just friends,” can feel just as hurtful when you are looking for more. It is the territory that men and women can find impossible to escape when entering, and it is called “The Friend Zone.”

Luckily, CM has 5 ways on how you can avoid it.

DON’T be his/her therapist

If you become both an emotional punching bag and magic-8 ball, then chances are, you will never be seen as more than a friend. Once someone has heard every detail of your love life, or vice versa, there leaves no room for mystery when it comes to love.

DO Make Them See You as More

Let them know that you are interested in more than friendship, without scaring them off. Flirt with them. Touch their arm and tell them how hot they look in those jeans. Nothing too blunt, but obvious enough to give off the signals.

DO Romance them

Instead of just hanging out at your place or out in a group setting, ask them to the movies or dinner. By hanging out in a date setting, you can clue them in to what you are looking for without having to come out and say it.

DO Challenge Them

When you are in a relationship, you challenge each other–which makes it exciting. Don’t be a pushover; stand up for yourself and make decisions. Compromise is always good, but a strong personality and confidence are always sexy.

DON’T Scare Them Away

Never, never, never overwhelm someone by saying how in love you are with them and how you can’t just be friends. If you are going to tell them how you feel, say the minimum. Tell them that you could see yourselves as more than friends and ask what they think. This will not only ease the pain if you get shot down, but also, it can save your friendship. 

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