How Not to Fail Your Online Classes

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Online classes are one of those amazing things about college that you don’t find out about until you get there. As long as you search diligently for the right course, an online class will be the easiest thing you ever do to earn credits.

But, there is always the danger that you will procrastinate the living daylights out of the class until it’s too late. I know one person who almost didn’t graduate because he put off his online class until the last three weeks of the semester. Not good!

Here’s what you need to know in order to get those easy credits.

1. Know the time requirements

Some schools require you to spend at least six weeks on the course, even though you could probably finish the entire thing in one week. This is allegedly to make sure you aren’t cheating. Online classes are such a joke that I guess they need to find ways to make them seem legitimate. Anyway, just don’t wait until it’s too late to start the course. Check the time requirements and make sure you start on time.

2. Pick an easy subject if your major is hard

If you’re a physics or engineering major, don’t even think about taking online classes in your major. That’s just asking for trouble (read: work). If you’re going to take an online class, do it to fulfill electives. The easiest courses out there are psychology courses. That stuff teaches itself. If you happen to be a psych major, just know that we’ve got you all figured out. I’ve also found that film studies, religious studies and sociology courses are pretty easy as well.

3. Pick classes that require little to no work

If you’re taking an online class and you’re doing more than a series of quizzes, two exams and one measly paper, you’re doing too much. Your school will offer online courses that require you to write lengthy, fully sourced papers. Stay clear of these if you’re looking to coast, because there are plenty of classes with low, low expectations. The best ones won’t make you write any papers.

4. Get all your work done over breaks

If you just gasped audibly and feel insulted, calm down. Usually breaks in college pretty much suck after the first few days when you’ve discovered your hometown is exactly like you left it.

Anyway, you have ample time to relax, binge on Netflix AND get some work done over breaks. Just imagine how nice it will be to finish a class before your semester even starts? That means 3 less hours a week you spend in class. So enjoy sleeping in, and don't let this be you: 

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