How to Host an Oscars Party

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Awards season is the perfect excuse to throw a themed party. Taking a break from studying and watching the Academy Awards with friends can prove to be a fun-filled evening. The live showing of the Oscars is this Sunday, March 7, 2010 at 8 p.m. eastern, 5 p.m. pacific time.

Since print invitations are difficult to put together on such short notice, use an Internet website like to inform your friends about your soiree. If you have the money to spare, decorate your space with a red carpet, so all your friends will feel like movie stars.  For a little extra fun, tell your friends to dress up as their favorite character from any of the nominated films. Dress up in a military uniform and be someone from Inglorious Basterds or paint yourself blue and make Avatar come to life. Make your friends feel like celebrities and have them pose on the red carpet, and have fun taking pictures. These will be great to laugh at later.

Ask your guests to come a half hour before the show begins, and have them fill out a ballot and predict the nominated winners. The printable ballot is available on the Academy Awards website.

Food and beverages are key elements to entertaining guests.  Julie & Julia is one of this year’s nominated films.  You can pay tribute to Julia Child by recreating one of her masterpieces.  Julia Child’s coveted recipes can be accessed online at If you’re in a dorm room and don’t have access to a kitchen, treat your guests to popcorn and movie candy. 

At the end of the evening, hand out fake Oscar statues to the best dressed person, and to the individual who had the most correct predictions. These statues can be purchased at a local party store and are fairly cheap. Have a good time, and ask them to give acceptance speeches!   You’re friends will thank you for a star-studded evening.

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