How can you time your climaxes to happen at the same time?

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Dr. Sawyer: So you’re watching a cable movie, a couple of hot bods hook up for the very first time and the sex is unbelievable. He lasts for hours, she is screaming with unbridled ecstasy and the couple explodes in a simultaneous, teeth-grinding orgasm. Sound familiar in your own experience? Thought not! This is Hollywood sex. This is the type of sex that everybody imagines, but all too few experience. To increase the likelihood of a simultaneous orgasm, couples will need to communicate effectively and if we’re talking heterosexuality, acknowledge some fundamental gender differences. To use a generalized culinary metaphor, men are microwave ovens, and women are crock pots, so the first thing the man must achieve is the ability to hold back his ejaculation. Then, as the woman moves more slowly toward Nirvana, he must be aware of where she is along this road. Too many men make assumptions, so how about asking? … I know, a radical thought, but better to know. So let’s think about this – an ability to read signs of someone’s sexual response and being comfortable actually speaking during sex, suggests that the couples most likely to achieve simultaneous orgasm are those in longer-term relationships. Hollywood finds that boring, hence the roaring orgasms after up-against-the-wall sex in the bathroom after only a few beers and some lingering looks … if only!      

College Magazine Staff

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