How to Avoid the Dreaded Walk of Shame

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It’s the scenario no girl wants to be in. Caught walking home the morning after an impromptu hook-up, dressed in full party attire and last night’s smeared makeup, obviously inappropriate for an early morning stroll. It is the dreaded, longest and most embarrassing walk you’ll ever take: the Walk of Shame.

Pennsylvania State University senior Joe McGoldrick, said that he can tell right away if a girl’s walk is “shameful” by the condition of her hair. “If her hair is a mess, its early morning and she is dressed for a club, then it is pretty obvious that she had a [good] night.”

Have no fear, girls-who-like-to-have-fun. Here are some tips on how to be prepared for the unexpected.

What to bring

Of course, brining your cell phone and keys is essential when you go out, but there are a few other necessities you should also have. First, carry a clutch or satchel with you that is in between big and portable. In it, hide makeup remover pads, disposable toothbrushes (like Wisps), a hair brush, and hair ties. The pads will help you wash off the smeared makeup from the night –depending on the brand, most don’t require water – and the toothbrushes are self explanatory. Use the other items to tame your messy hair and tie it back into a cute up-do if need be.

“People definitely notice hair and outfit, so I would just pull back my hair, put on some flip flops and a T-shirt and shorts. People aren’t going to notice smeared make up as much as a dress and heels at 8 AM on Beaver Ave,” said Jackie Seith, a Pennsylvania State University sophomore.

If you do decide to bring makeup, you definitely don’t want lug around your finest (and heavy) cosmetics, so bring only a few essential touch-up items like powder or concealer, lip gloss, and mascara. Those three items alone will give you a fresh look, hiding all traces of the black liner and glitter you had on minutes before.

Lastly, try and fit in a pair of comfortable, flexible flats or sandals. This will rid you of the most noticeable piece of evidence: three-inch stilettos. A rolled up cardigan is easy to carry and throw over an evening dress and a pair of sunglasses. (Tip: If you can’t bring extra clothes, a good trick is to put on a guy’s button down shirt and tie it into a cute top over a dress).

The Stride of Pride

Who knew charity walks included the walk of shame? The Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation has created a super convenient Walk of Shame Kit already. It includes a light dress, flip flops, a backpack, sunglasses, pre-pasted toothbrush wipes, “call” and “don’t call” note cards to leave behind, and an awareness bracelet. The kit is beneficial, convenient, and definitely worth investing in. Turn a shameful stroll into a walk for the cure.

Being prepared can make the difference from telling your friends all about your mortifying journey home (in that circumstance, yes, it is a journey) to bragging all about your amazing night.

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