Hottest Summer Movies To Keep You Cool

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In the summer when it’s hot and sticky, what’s the one place you can go and freeze to death? A movie theater, of course! From a musical film about the 1980s to a remake of everyone’s favorite comic book-inspired film (why did they make another one?), these summer movies will be worth your time, and the price of admission! 
Rock of Ages – Released June 15
This movie is based on a 2005 musical and showcases the sexy but dangerous struggle to survive in the 1980’s rock n’ roll scene. The movie throws viewers into the 1980’s era of electric guitar slamming and glam metal bands—Bon Joni, Styx, Twisted Sister and so many others. Parents and older siblings, leave your underage movie-goers at home as this WILL be the hottest movie this summer!
The Amazing Spider Man – Released June 3
Competitor of another summer release, the Dark Night Rises, this Spider Man film is set apart from the rest of the franchise, thanks to director Marc Webb (his last name’s Webb! Get it?!) Abandoned by his parents at a young age, Peter Parker begins to “soul-search,” or well, just figure out who the heck he really is (sort of like deciding on a major, minus the whole super power thing). Peter begins to search out the cause of his disappearing parents, finding there to be more obstacles than one sort-of-human can handle.

Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection – Released June 29
Madea is back in our hearts this summer as she hosts a wealthy man caught in an embezzlement within a company he works for. From the squared-out Connecticut way of life to the hospitality of Madea’s home, this new guest (and the audience) will be in for a southern treat.
Katy Perry: Part of Me – Released July 5
This 3D documentary-styled concert film follows the singer/songwriter Katy Hudson as she becomes the global pop-singer we know and love today. If Ms. Perry doesn’t define your sizzlin’ hot summer, then you’re probably not enjoying the season properly. 
The Dark Knight Rises – Released July 20
One of the most highly anticipated films of the season, Batman returns to face more challenges from both destructive Bane and toxic Catwoman. A sequel to the movie The Dark Knight, the film stars Christian Bale, who returns with his attractiveness and his super-hero fighting powers to gain an upper hand on some vindictive villains. With Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, there’s no way every theater seat won’t be occupied.

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