Hooking Up: What does is Actually Mean?

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“Hooking up”: we all casually drop the term, but what does it actually imply?

Well, basically, this phrase can mean anything from kissing to having sex, depending on who is speaking, according to a recent study, conducted by a doctoral student at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and Dr. Allan Sillars of the University of Montana. The study surveyed 274 college students, and explored how social media impacts students’ perception of “hooking up,” but concluded that there was no consensus on the term’s definition.

The study also looked at how many students claim to have “hooked up.” More than fifty percent reported at least one hook up during the school year, and many perceive that most other students have hook ups as well.  

So why is the ambiguity behind the phrase important? Well, in a way, saying that you’ve “hooked up” with someone allows a person to disclose information while still maintaining a certain level of privacy. And with the use of such an indefinable term, quite generally, it equalizes the gap between guys who think they haven’t hooked up enough, and girls who may feel hesitant about sharing their many hook ups. At least, that’s what these researchers are hoping.

So how do YOU define “hooking up”?

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