Hooking up with Roommates: A Collegiate Faux Pas?

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By Therese Quiao>American University> Public Communication
As a time-honored tradition, resident advisors often discourage co-eds to engage in sexual encounters with other people living on the same floor in order to avoid awkwardness and confrontation. However, the idea of “roomcest” is also a likely occurrence on university quarters. Over the years, there has been a rise in co-ed room sharing. Over two dozen colleges across the continental United States offer mixed sex dorm options. Brown University, UC Riverside, and the University of Pennsylvania are few of the schools that have students living with those of the opposite sex.



So what happens when men and women share quarters? Everyone has seen episodes of The Real World. Picture this. There’s an attractive guy already in your apartment. He’s funny, he’s single, and you both get along. Should you control the urge to be intimate? To some people, it’s a natural response. After moving into her new apartment, Katelyn Pellitere* was smitten. Her new roommate was a college athlete, handsome, and conveniently walked around in his boxers. She couldn’t help herself. After one drunken escapade, they both sealed the deal, leaving Katelyn even more infatuated. However, after one night, things changed. Whenever Katelyn held a party, her roommate and part-time lover, would incessantly flirt with her friends. She realized that her short affair was finally over once he started bringing his new girlfriend back to the apartment, and to make things worse the walls were paper thin.
In spite of that cautionary tale, sometimes hooking up with a roommate can lead to something beautiful. One college alumnus delightfully reported that he is currently engaged to be married to his former roommate. Discovery Health’s Dr. Amy Bowles Reyer argues that people often fall in love with someone they have known for a long time. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that constant exposure to someone might trigger feelings of affection. Would you risk your living situation and comfort to date or hook-up with your roommate? Would you gamble your rent away for a chance at love?
*name has been changed

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