Hook Book: A Bro’s Dream Come True

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Has anyone other than the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actually ever owned a little black book? It seems like a Hollywood invention to me, but maybe I’m just not hanging around the right kind of people. For those of you that store the contact information of your booty calls/friends with benefits on paper, your life was just made a thousand times easier. Anonymous Apps has created Hook Book, a completely free app which turns keeping track of hook ups into an art form.


“Remember the days of thumbing through your entire contact list just to find those few booty calls to text?” pitched Anonymous Apps CEO and co-founder Kace Phillips. “Now you don’t have to go through those pains anymore. Hook Book is a digital black book where all of your booty contacts are in one place.”

That barely begins to describe all of Hook Book’s capabilities. Not only does it organize all your contacts, but you can also rate them, track your events with them, text directly from the app, and upload photos of them. My favorite part: there is a statistics page so people can compare your hook up numbers with your friends. According to Phillips, this is meant to “add to the competitive spirit of hooking up!”


A product review on CNET was certainly impressed with this app: “The app actually makes a little ‘game’ out of hooking up. It is fun competing with my club friends. I got more home runs than all of them and I let them know it! Adds a whole new dimension to being a playa!”

Hook Book appeals to the Barney Stinson in all of us. Anyone who uses the bro code as their bible will love this legend…wait for it…ary app. What guy or girl hasn’t compared his or her hookup histories with someone else before? Any bro on the go needs to have something like this handy so they aren’t left racking their brains or phones for this information. Plus, any pictures you have together can be used as proof. Just don’t break out the racy ones; that might get awkward.

Photo: screenshot at iTunes app store

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