Hofstra U: NHL Playoffs Superior to NBA

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Apples and oranges? Oil and water? Ice and hardwood? NHL and NBA playoffs?  

Some can say you can’t compare the two sports’ playoffs, but others say there is a far superior of the two – at least when asked about the ongoing NHL playoffs versus the start of the NBA playoffs.

After polling a score of college students from Hofstra University in a man-on-the-street poll, it seems the general consensuses is that the National Hockey League Playoffs are far more in demand that that of the NBA. Here are some of their outspoken opinions:

Jared Hammer, 21, said the NHL playoffs appeal to even those who don’t normally follow hockey. “NHL playoffs – people who don’t follow hockey can tune in and enjoy a playoff ball match.”

Jared Rogers, 20, agreed, arguing the NHL playoffs feature much more passion than that of the NBA. “NHL playoffs for sure because they actually care about and respect the game they play. They play for each other, whereas the NBA just plays for a paycheck.”

Cody Normand, 20, journalism major at Hofstra, said the difference isn’t even. “The NBA is full of a bunch of ‘me-guys’ and are all about themselves, where the NHL is a bunch of hard-nosed team guys who play for their team and their city rather than themselves. They literally fight for their teammates to win the game. It's also much faster-paced and more exciting to watch.”

Pat Rosa, 21, attributes hockey’s playoff success to its natural excitement. “Any second [in the NHL playoffs] can be that moment that changes your team's chances, and it just keeps you at the edge of your seat.”

Gregg Lettini, 21, believes the NBA is just too slow. Hockey, instead, is faster and a better overall viewing experience. “NHL playoffs are much better paced than the NBA playoffs, way easier to enjoy. They are way more intense and better to watch overall.”

The consensus seems to be, most 20 year old guys have been tuning in each game for the NHL playoffs. However, once the NBA playoffs begin, these guys will most likely just catch the highlights on SportsCenter.

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