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Try to qualify a hipster in one word and you will find the task virtually impossible. Hipsters are essentially an eclectic mix of everything quirky in the world – in other words, indescribable. Love it or hate it, hipster music undoubtedly has a certain charm thats winning over college radio stations. So set down your 1970s Polaroid, pop on those oversize vintage frames and let the unique sounds work their magic.

1. Work, 1,2,3

The relatively new band struck hipster gold with this folksy, American hit that has been featured on shows like Hung and Teen Wolf. True hipsters might find the single’s popularity off-putting, but at the end of the day its indie roots grant it a well-deserved spot on our list.

2. Santa Fe, Beirut

This synthesizer and percussion-heavy single makes for a fun and catchy tune. The hummable-quality of Santa Fe guarantees that you will find yourself replaying its progressive melody in your head long after the song has ended.

3. How Can U Luv Me?, Unknown Mortal Orchestra

The distinctively indie sound of the harmonized vocals, guitar and drum work make this upbeat song from the mysterious Portland band an instant hipster staple.

4. Grown Ocean, Fleet Foxes

As with most indie songs, “Grown Ocean” is a waterfall of poignant lyrics and heavy bass. The addition of more unconventional instruments also lends well to the song’s dreamscape lyrics and its lively arrangement keeps the message from falling flat.

5. Cannibal Queen, Miniature Tigers

With soft vocals and smart lyrics like “I’m no longer on a quest to get girls undressed/I search through their hearts and no treasure found”, “Cannibal Queen” is ultimately a song about heartbreak. However, the song’s skull-crushingly-catchy energy detracts form the depressing subject matter and makes it seem utterly delightful. 

6. Rare, Tearjerker

The fuzzy texture and echo effect of this song makes for a mellow vibe that puts “Rare” squarely in the chill category. It is the perfect song for such activities like lounging about on a lazy Sunday afternoon or watching the rain fall down your windowsill.

7. Two Way Monologue, Sondre Lerche

“Two Way Monologue” is a spontaneous, quirky song that flows seamlessly between soft and hearty moments. It is a head-bopping melody that features a large array of odd instruments and sounds that stylistically mesh with the hipster trademark.

8. Something Good Can Work, Two Door Cinema Club

This vibrant electro-indie track is an overall fun song that begs you to get up and dance. However, don’t let the captivating tune distract you: this song has some meaningful lyrics that are a nice addition to the already memorable piece.

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