Hipster How-To Guide

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First of all, let me just start by saying the term “hipster” is becoming too mainstream these days. But if you really wish to follow this lifestyle, you’re in luck. I’ve compiled a few key tips for you to ensure your success of being less mainstream than all your friends.

1.) “I’m not a hipster, I just kind of like what I like…”

Sure you do, hipster. Hipsters NEVER succumb to labels of any sort. To do so would be too mainstream. They just say they like vintage or underground things, without necessarily identifying with the title.

2.) Vintage wardrobe

Yard sales, Goodwill and thrift stores are your best bets for these golden items. Old clothes take up the majority of a hipster’s wardrobe. Especially plaid. Mom's old jeans? Gross. Cut ‘em into shorts? Totally chic. If you can’t hit up the cheap ways to find clothes, why not check out Urban Outfitters for your overpriced fashion needs?

3.) Location, location, location!

A lot of hipsters seem to live in big cities like New York or Chicago. It isn’t a necessity, but it would help you find people who get you, rather than these mainstream nobodies. Although, maybe those cities are too mainstream for you. If that’s the case, try checking out Portland.

4.) Activities

Make sure you don't make concrete plans. Spontaneity is key. Also, whenever you do go out, remember: the drunker, the better. Also, the cheaper the better. PBR is always a good choice. And, make sure to take plenty of candid pictures using Instagram or Lomography cameras.

5.) Vinyl/obscure music collection

You don’t even need to have a record player to follow this rule. Just collect old albums to show off your eclectic music taste. Your friends are sure to be envious of that underground German 80s new wave you have on vinyl. You found it at a garage sale? Double points.

6.) Vegan

Why eat precious animals when you can enjoy the sweet taste of tofu and soy milk in the morning? Hipsters love animals, and they are often huge advocates for organizations like PETA. This isn’t a requirement, but it definitely helps up your hipster cred.

7.) “You’ve probably never heard of it”

This is a hipster’s favorite phrase.

“Oh, what are you listening to?” “This band you’ve probably never heard of…”
“What movie did you watch last night?” “Some indie film you’ve probably never heard of…it’s really underground.”

These phrases may be heard a lot, but it’s not bad if it’s true, right? You can’t expect everyone to be as cultured as you are.

8.) Haircuts

The best haircuts are free haircuts. No matter what. Even if your cousin Joe offers to cut your hair in his basement at 3 a.m. Never refuse. Throw in an ironic mustache or a half-shaved head to be a true original.

9.) Fake glasses

You don’t have to have poor vision to be a hipster. If you’re one of the fortunate ones who don’t need glasses but still want some, just go to your nearest Hot Topic and get some fake glasses to wear! Or, even better—next time you see a 3D movie, just pop the lenses out of those and wear them! No one will ever know the difference.

10.) Hipster is the new scene

A lot of hipsters were your stereotypical scene kids five or six years ago. It’s just a new phase, sure to fade out in a couple of years…probably because by that point, everyone will be a hipster and it’ll be too mainstream.

Image: http://apowl.com/american-hipster-tv/

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