Happy Hour with Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien

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By Hilary Weissman > Junior > Journalism > University of Maryland
No college student wants to stay at home to avoid the big, bad world of calories and grease. Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien shows how to take control of your diet with her two New York Times Best-Sellers Hungry Girl 1-2-3 and her newest Hungry Girl Happy Hour.

CM: You make sure on your site to tell your fans you are not a doctor or nutritionist, how did you come up with your guilt-free recipes?
LL: Well I started Hungry Girl back in 2004, and I have lost close to 30 pounds just by becoming an expert on finding foods that taste good, and finding ways to make them lower calories. I think because I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, my approach is very relatable, and is more real world. I am not as focused only on exactly what ingredients are in everything, it’s more about navigating the aisles of the super market, making the best choices with what’s in front of you.
CM: Which is your favorite hungry girl recipe to make?
LL: My favorites to make are “Eggs in Mug” because they are so easy and fun, I eat them like every day. But I also love “Lord of the Onion Rings,” just because it’s great to take Fiber One cereal and put it in a blender, turning it into bread crumbs and make something seem like it’s fried and it’s really satisfying.
CM: Which low cal cocktail do you recommend?
LL: My favorite cocktail in the book is the “Magical Margarita.” It’s 115 calories, it tastes so good, everybody loves it. It’s with Crystal Light Lemonade and tequila.
CM: After a long night out, what is the best way to satisfy your hunger and avoid the freshman 15?
LL: When I was in college I always did the bad, or all the wrong things. I would always go to Denny’s after I went out and get the Grand Slam Breakfast, that’s not something I’d recommend or say I’m proud of. Sometimes it happens. I always have apples as a late night snack, and I am also a big protein fan. Believe it or not I’ll eat egg whites at any time, and also jerky. There’s a soy jerky I like, it’s not the most popular snack, but it’s high in protein and low in fat.
CM: Which of your HG meals do you recommend most to a college student with limited time or appliances?
LL: In Hungry Girl 1-2-3 there is a whole chapter on microwave recipes. All of the egg mug recipes are great, and some dip and pasta recipes. The “Fettucine Hungry Girl-fredo” is a great one. They are so easy, perfect for college students.

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