Halloween Kickoff: The 5 Best Prank Videos

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October is finally here and that could only mean one thing: lots of Halloween prepping. Over the next couple of weeks, CM is going to be your ultimate Halloween guide. Stay tuned for tips on decorating your dorm, all the possible ways to eat pumpkin, costume dos and don’ts, and even the best Halloween shows to watch out for. But to kick things off for this amazing month and inspire you little pranksters out there, I’ve collected some of the funniest Halloween prank videos ever. So if you’re trying to plan the ultimate prank this October 31st, let these videos help you out with some creative ideas. Be inspired, take notes, and enjoy. Happy October! 


A hilarious Tarantula Prank. It’s perfect for colleges with balconies


Perfect if you want to scare the bejeebers out of your roommate! Skip to 1:00.


Stove Top Scare! Another great one for the roomie


If you’re going home for Halloween, check out this perfect prank to do in neighborhood!


Most Awesome Girlfriend Pranks. Scare your girlfriend the right way this year. 

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