Hakuna Matata And Other Student Rules To Live By

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College is all about adjusting. It’s a new place, a new schedule and there are new people. But, one of the most important things is to really stay true to yourself. It’s easy to make a list of five or so rules that you have and put them on your phone, write them on a post it on your computer or put them on your desk. Some of my friends shared their mottos with me, and I hope that they help some of your have an amazing time:
“Don’t burn your bridges because you’ll always regret it.”
– Matt Albers, Elon University ‘15
“Stay true to who you are and be proud of it.”
– Casey Allen, Elon University ‘15
“Enjoy the little things.”
– Noraida Colon, Amherst College ‘15
– Gabriella di Bari, New York University ‘15
“Work hard play hard.”
– Stanley Dowell, Elon University ‘15
“Don’t care what others think. Be you.”
– Lauren Goworowski, Elon University ‘15
“You won’t remember the nights you stayed in and caught up on sleep.”
– Tricia Hogan, Elon University ‘15
“Reach out of your comfort zone and live life.”
– Kaela Knorowski, Elon University ‘15
“Never say no. Do everything you can. You never know where a great opportunity will present itself.”
– Meredith Milstein, Elon University ‘15
“Expect the worst, hope for the best.”
– C.C. Thornburgh, Wake Forest University ‘15
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