Grooveshark to launch new artists

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People like to complain that music sharing sites will be the demise of the industry. Complaints that they lower album sales and compromise the artistry of musicians are rampant throughout the music world. Grooveshark, though, is determined to prove that their powers can be used for good.

In a recent announcement, Chief Executive Officer Sam Tarantino described the site’s new goal — to aid in launching new artists, as well as broadcasting and advertising new and existing performers. Instead of working as a pseudo-radio for the internet-inclined, Grooveshark is aiming to expand both its function and its clientele. 

With so much of music listening happening online these days, Grooveshark seems to have the right idea. So many artists count on getting their start in dingy venues, headlining for some slightly more popular group, but the insta-fame that comes from popping up on an online playlist, easily accessible for immediate downloading, is pretty much unrivaled. 

Through this new endeavor, Grooveshark will hopefully prove that just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it’s bad. The music industry is undeniably changing, and both artists and listening platforms are learning to work with that. So if you happen to hear some catchy new artist on the airwaves in the future, don’t be surprised to hear them say, “I got my big break on Grooveshark.” Check out the full story on Paste Magazine.

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