Good Student/Bad Student: Blind Football Star vs. Rude Snapchat CEO

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College news is a fickle beast. Sometimes you hear about students doing extraordinary things, overcoming obstacles and making the world a better place. But often the newsmakers gravitate toward the fraternity/sorority throwing a racist party or a college student getting hurt because of drug or alcohol-related hijinks. We don't want to take away from the good but we know you love to hear the bad…


Blind Football Player Makes College Team

Aaron Golub, 17, of Newtown, Mass, has been blind since birth. That didn’t stop him from playing football in high school, and he eventually became  a talented long snapper — a position that requires a lot of precision and accuracy.

Now Golub is going to play college football at Tulane University, who offered him a preferred walk-on spot. Take this in for a second: a blind kid who worked his butt off to overcome his disability is going to play Division I college football. 

“If you set your mind to it, then you can do it,” Golub told CBS Boston. “There’s nothing that you can’t accomplish if you really want to do it.”

Preach kid, preach.


Snapchat Co-Founder’s Leaked College Emails are…Disappointing

It appears that Snapchat CEO Even Spiegel was a terrible person in college.

Spiegel went to Stanford and was a brother of Kappa Sigma. According to emails obtained by Gawker’s Valleywag, this younger, hornier version of Spiegel was your typical frat bro, right down to his “F*ckbitchesgetlaid” email tag.

Seriously, this stuff makes Rebecca Martinson look sane. Spiegel lives up to every frat boy stereotype as he discusses his quest to be constantly intoxicated, peeing on girls and his desire to shoot “lazers at fat girls.”

Now to be fair, this stuff is (hopefully) all in Spiegel’s past. There's no reason to believe that Spiegel hasn’t grown up between the time he was sending these emails and becoming a rich tech CEO.

Then again, does that knowledge really make these…”correspondences” any better? In a word: no.  

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