Golf is Boring, Riots are Way More Fun

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Yesterday 22-year-old Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy bludgeoned his opponents at Congressional Country Club, shooting -16 and winning the U.S. Open. That means today we’ve been treated to endless comparisons between him and Tiger Woods.

I’ll be honest, despite the Open going on right down the street from where I live I didn’t watch it. Now that basketball and hockey are gone we’ve hit the Sahara Desert stretch of the sporting year. Everything on at this point in the year is only mildly entertaining. 

To keep some interesting conversation going, the people of Vancouver gave the end of their season a candle on the cake by literally torching parts of the city. I’m sure over the past few days you’ve heard, read and seen the riot through photos and video, but, Deadspin posted a link to something truly spectacular today.

North Studio 360 (a company that specializes in virtual tours) went out with their camera during the riots and came back with a video that gives the viewer a virtual tour of a vicious night in Vancouver.

While the video is rolling you’re able to move the camera 360 degrees, taking in all the sights and sounds. Watch it a few times and play around with it. There will be things you won’t catch the first time.

Around the 1:57 mark you can hear and see a man (tilt your view down some) saying, “That’s a sick camera!” You are correct, sir.

 Sick camera, sick video.  

  north Studio 360- Riots After Canuck's Stanley Cup Defeat

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