The GLT to Summer Courses

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Struggling to figure out how to make the most of your time this summer? It’s all about the GLT! Sorry, this isn’t a new sandwich at your local deli – summer classes are great to Graduate on time, Lighten the load, and stay Thinking all summer long.



Many students take summer classes because their majors are rigorous and require the extra course load to graduate on time. Classes over the summer offer a way for students to manage their time in the long run for their overall four-year plan. 
For example, Bianca Desroches, a freshman at Northeastern University, is pursuing the career path to become a cosmetic surgeon, which normally takes thirteen years. She explains that taking summer classes is all about the future. 
“I can cut out some classes and perhaps add in others of my choice for fun, or even graduate a bit early,” Desroches says. 
When taking summer classes, however, managing time in the short term is also imperative. Remember to allow yourself time to prepare for class, do homework, and study.
Other students take summer courses to lighten their load throughout the standard academic year. Even taking one course over the summer can magically change a 20-credit semester to a more manageable 17-credit one. 
“I’m taking my summer course so I can get my lab science course completed without the complication of having to get a lab worked into my schedule in my fall semester,” says Franklin and Marshall freshman, Andrew Glennan. 
While summer classes can make your life much easier by crunching a semester-long course into a five to eight week syllabus, remember that skipping even one assignment could be extremely detrimental to your final grade.  With classes that are offered over a short period, diligence is key, but your hard work will pay off when you can limit your stress level in the fall.
 Even if your college experience is not crunched for time, you might consider taking a summer class to keep your brain thinking. Keeping reading, writing, and analytical thinking skills sharp is key to starting off the fall semester strongly.
Jane Solberg started off her college career at Dickinson College but was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Taking medical leave, she gave herself time to recover but with a bright future involving nursing school, Solberg explains that she wants to “get all of [her] pre-reqs done” by taking summer classes and keeping her mind sharp during recovery.
However you choose to spend your time, make sure to enjoy your summer and have some fun! Take advantage of your time off and get the best of both worlds — teach your friends some calculus or history while sitting poolside!

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