Girls Spill Awkward Break Stories

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Winter Break was a great time to relax without the hassles of the daily grind of college life. Without deadlines or obligations, college students could spend time just hanging out with friends – and getting into some pretty awkward situations. These stories may be strange or shocking, but keep in mind that sometimes the truth is weirder than fiction: 
“I got a text from my ex boyfriend to hang out. We ended up hooking up at his house. When I was leaving, his siblings were home from school and saw me and asked if we were getting back together.”
– Erica G., Sophomore, Towson University

I was in LA for a week with my best girlfriends from college to see the Wisconsin Badgers play in the Rose Bowl. I was super excited that my friend got us a free hotel room but since she pulled connections how could I tell her that her boyfriend is not welcome? I can't. So [there were] six of us sleeping together in one room. I thought everything was going fine until one night at 3 am I hear, ‘Karl stop, my friends are in the room! Jackie is in our bed!’ Two minutes later I hear the two of them sneak out. When confronted the next day, they told us they wanted to go for a walk…at 3 am…”
– Rachel B., Senior, University of Wisconsin
“Over break I went to LA with a few friends. While in LA, we went to a party with another friend, whose house we stayed at that night. While we were sleeping, our friend who lives in the house left. As well, that night, his father locked the gate that surrounded the front yard for some reason. We didn’t know that you couldn’t open the gate from the inside, so in the morning, we had to hop over this gate in the same dresses and heels we wore the previous night. Oh, and this guy stopped his car in front of the house and watched us and laughed.”
-Rhea R., Freshman, University of Maryland
“Over break I had some friends over, when my guy friend got sort of out of control. He fell asleep on the couch. He suddenly got up, and started peeing on the coffee table. A bunch of my friends started yelling, ‘Stop! What are you doing?’ When he was done, he turned around and completely denied it ever happening, despite the fact that we had all just watched. We then spent the next 15 minutes cleaning it up.”
-Nicole S., Freshman, Tulane University

“My friend from high school has always wanted to do Improv Everywhere's No Pants Subway ride. I wasn't too sure of the whole thing but, being the bestest friend ever, I decided to go along for the ride. We met up with others just as scared and excited as we were to de-pants. At the third stop we got up, took our pants off, and acted as if this was completely normal. As we marched with other ‘against-the-oppression-of-pants’ supporters, a woman came up to me, and timidly asked, ‘Why aren't you wearing pants?’ I looked down to my bare legs and up to her and said, ‘Oh no! I forgot to put on pants this morning!’ She quickly retorted, ‘I have seen 25 of you people. Why aren't you wearing pants?’ I paused, then slowly responded, ‘There are 25 other people that forgot to wear pants…?’”
-Erika W., Freshman, Cornell University
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