Getting Through Finals Without Help

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Finals week seems like the perfect excuse to let yourself go in every way possible, right? Wrong. Most students think it’s easiest to go into hibernation mode, which includes variations of the following: baggy, comfortable clothes, eating anything and everything in sight, forgoing exercise/makeup/showering and going an entire week without seeing friends. This week isn’t pleasant for anyone, but there are many ways students can make this hell week a little more bearable and a little less disgusting.

No sleep: Sleep is completely sacrificed for the sake of decent grades this week, and many students will resort to a rotation of coffee, energy drinks and super quick naps to get them through. This method is extremely healthy and the lack of sleep can even inhibit your ability to retain crucial information for your huge exams.

Make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, and if necessary use coffee only as a small boost during the afternoon or evening, but not as a last resort at 2 a.m. Similarly, energy drinks should be cut out and used very sparingly. All of those empty calories can only get you so far in terms of your energy levels, which is why exercise can also help.

No exercise: Though this sounds counterproductive, working out for a small period of time at the right time of day can boost energy levels rather than drain you. Doing a quick half hour or 45-minute workout right when you get up in the morning or early afternoon won’t drag you down for the rest of the day, and the shower you take afterwards will be refreshing and energizing, making you ready to tackle everything else you have to do that day.

Exercising also doesn’t have to be done every single day; only three times a week is necessary to keep you healthy. If multitasking is your thing, catch up on TV to get in your vegging time while you burn calories.

Staying focused: It’s easy to let a time crunch be your motivator, letting yourself wait until the last minute until you find yourself studying solely out of desperation or turning to Adderall or other studying enhancement drugs to do the work for you. This cranks up anxiety and stress to astronomical levels and can do major damage on your mind and spirit.

Let to-do lists be your friend, or at least a scribbled note to yourself on the back of an assignment. Having everything lined up in front of you makes it even more rewarding when you get to cross each item off. 


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