Getting Ready for Takeoff

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Yes, I’m talking to you. It’s time to put down the Jodie Picoult book, savor the last drops of your Mike’s Hard Lemonade and make the grand descent from your back porch’s lounge chair. With less than two weeks until Welcome Week debauchery begins, there are some important things that need to be accomplished… and no, that does not include the 12-hour sleep schedule you’ve become oh-so-accustomed to since your internship came to a close. 

Let’s start with those inevitable end-of-summer appointments.  First, a visit to the dentist is a necessity.  After all, they ensure that all those funnel cakes and salt-water taffies haven’t completely rotted your teeth.  Then consider a trip to the dermatologist.  In spite of the fact that four months in the sun has likely given you a fresh summer glow, it’s important to make sure that you head back to school without the stress of any unexamined moles or blemishes.

For the ladies, there’s the essential mani-pedi session.  Between all the hustling and bustling to get all your back-to-school necessities together, this is usually one of the last opportunities for some mother-daughter bonding before you’re back on campus.  While Mom may stick to a more neutral color, now is one of your last opportunities to deviate from the autumn staple of burgundy and black shades—go all out with Essie’s Pink Parka or Katy Perry’s sparkle polish collection.  Then there’s the hair appointment: whether it be to rid yourself of those pesky split ends or to add some honey highlights, this mid-August appointment is key to maintaining your luxurious locks.

While you’re shopping for your back-to-school supplies, don’t forget the decorative gear. Hopefully your summer jobs have provided you not only with work experience, but with some extra cash as well to help fund this shopping excursion.  Whether you’ll be sharing a cramped dorm space with a roommate, living in a sorority or fraternity house, or graduating to your own apartment or house, you’ll need to make your room feel homey. Pick out bedding in your favorite colors and those plastic storage containers.  Filling your bedroom walls with pictures of your family and friends, posters of your favorite bands, and banners of your hometown teams is just another touch that brings a bit of home back to school.

Last but certainly not least are the final visits you’ll have with your friends from home. Since most of our hometowns pale in comparison to the excitement of college town life, you might feel like you’ve pulled a Benjamin Button when you spend those last weeks of summer frequenting your favorite high school hangouts.  As cliché as it may sound, though, what really matters is not where you are but who you’re with, so make sure you enjoy these last couple weeks together.

And be sure to bring your A-game back to school because the party starts the moment you step foot on campus!

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