Getting a Little Dirty

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Talking dirty: Something that some couples do regularly, some disagree on and some would never even consider. Regardless of what your scenario may be, there comes a time in a relationship when you may want to heat things up. Maybe you and your partner have become too routine-bound and predictable. Maybe one of you wants to make things a little more exciting. Whether both, or one of the two people involved are down for it, talking dirty may be helpful and rewarding.

Some people may feel uncomfortable with the concept, but as long as both partners are open (or can be), talking dirty to one another can majorly benefit a relationship. Not only in a sexual sense, but in all honesty, it’s about trusting each other enough to get that comfortable. Not every couple may have it, but as erotic photographer Maciek Macak said, “It all depends on the person.” According to him, “There are some things you just naturally do with certain people, and others that you would never even dream of doing these things with.”

A recent survey conducted by K-Y’s Good in Bed sex site confirmed that dirty talk might lead to a better relationship. By being more sexually adventurous, both partners would be more sexually satisfied, subsequently resulting in a more fulfilled relationship as a whole. The survey also concluded that women were more willing to try this than previously thought, and even more so than their male counterparts.

So what did college students have to say on the subject? Well, when asked, “Good or bad?” in reference to some dirty talk in a relationship, 90 percent of students were in favor, male and female. Jack Kern, a sophomore at the Ohio State University, agreed: “It can go any way depending on the relationship.”

But, it’s all about being satisfied and relaxed in a relationship. “Talking dirty breaks down the barriers that represent our comfort zone, allowing both partners to express their deepest desires. This results in each member of the relationship being completely and totally fulfilled,” said Eric Watson*, a freshman at East Carolina University.

So how do you do this without worrying about sounding creepy to your partner?

  • Just tell them what you’d like them to do
  • Think about things that may turn them on, and slowly work them into conversation
  • Try to be confident (even though you may feel a little weird), it will come across better
  • Don’t be afraid! Just go for it!

By introducing dirty talk in a relationship, specifically in a sexual situation, there is of course a chance for an awkward situation. But as with anything in a relationship, communication is a key factor. Whether it be by whispering a dirty phrase or two or letting your inhibitions down completely, letting your partner know exactly what you need and want, is essential. It may feel a little unnerving at first, but the fun you may have and openness you share could possibly be well worth it.

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