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WARNING: Spoilers Revealed Below!

Gossip Girl
With its return on September 14, we pick up the drama, right where it left off. For those of you wondering, Chuck Bass is alive (duh!) and his melodrama with Blair is far from over. More interestingly, Katie Cassidy will join the cast as Nate’s new love interest.
The show that has gleeks glued to the TV returns September 21. What you can expect for the new season? A new love triangle for Tina and Artie, Britney Spears guest starring and a Rocky Horror Picture Show episode.
The Office
September 23 marks the beginning of the end for Michael Scott. Sad as it may be, there’s plenty to look forward to including Holly’s return, Andy’s role in a community theater performance and Michael’s run-in with a herpes scare.
September 26 kicks off season five, which has Dexter suffering with Rita’s murder and Julia Stiles guest starring as a potential love interest. The show will replace the plethora of serial killers with more in depth story lines.

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