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Summer is the perfect time to be adventurous in the great outdoors; why not apply this principal to your dating life? Put your “dinner and a movie” dates back on the shelf for while (or forever, since they kind of suck,) rub on some suntan lotion, and heat up your summer romances by trying out some of these forget-me-not summer dates.

Take a Hike

Find a scenic route, pack some lunch, and go for a day-long hike with your significant other. You’ll have an excellent chance to soak up the beautiful weather, and it will be refreshing to pack away your phones and other gadgets and just enjoy each other’s company.

“In my senior year of high school, I had gone on a few dates with this one guy. He picked me up and took me to this place called Bolton Rock on the border of my town. We took a path to the top of the rock, ate lunch up there, and then hiked around after. I loved it; it was the first time I had gone on a date that wasn't the typical "dinner and a movie" date. It was really nice to be doing something active in a really beautiful area. It made the date that much more romantic,” recalls Saige S., a junior at The George Washington University.

Giddy Up

“Horseback riding with your girlfriend is a ton of fun; riding on the beach is even better! What could be more romantic than riding horses along a beach like Ventura, California? The beach is always a romantic spot; after the ride, you can listening to the waves crashing and take in the aroma of the ocean. Horses are kind, beautiful animals and make for a very memorable time with your significant other,” says Zach M., a sophomore at the California Polytechnic State University.

Although this may seem a little Princess Bride to some of you, horseback riding can be surprisingly sensual. Besides, it’s a new date for many people, which adds a level of excitement you can get from a dull dinner at the Olive Garden. “Shared first-time experiences often have a long-term impact,” says Michelle Lia Lewis, author of Flirting 101: How to Charm Your Way to Love, Friendship, and Success

Go Jump Off a Cliff

“The best outdoor date I ever went on was on a surprise hike. After ten minutes of hiking through the woods, we arrived at this little pond that you could jump into from this small rock cliff. It was so different and romantic (and not to mention unexpected!) Being on top of that cliff definitely got my heart racing. Getting to hang out in the sun in our little secluded area was one of the best and most relaxing dates ever!” recalls Lauren Anne, a junior at James Madison University.

“Couples who do something slightly dangerous together are more likely to fall in love,” says Leil Lowndes, author of Updating! How To Date Out of Your League. Exhilaration can be a great way to bond with your date; plan something thrilling for your date, and I promise, you’ll never forget it.

Get High, Get Wet

“I’m afraid of heights, but when my date said she wanted to go on the Ferris wheel during a date at a local carnival, I knew I couldn't turn her down. She was the most incredible girl I had ever met, and I wasn't about to let fear get in the way of our first date. Around and around we went, and just as we were about to climb out of the seat, the sky opened up and started to pour. We hurried for cover at one of the game booths; it was the one where you had to shoot a water gun at a target for a prize. I was already turned on by the fact that she was dripping wet, but then she started a game. Watching her handle that gun blew my mind. When she won a prize, she had this amazing look of satisfaction on her face. And you know what? She wasn't the only one who scored that night…” says Columbia University junior Walter N. with a smile.

“The response you have to an element of danger gets processed in the brain stem in the exact same way as sexual arousal,” explains Paul Dobransky, M.D., author of The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love. Pair facing a fear with a little healthy competition, and you and your date won’t be able to take your eyes of each other. “You both get to find out how you respond to fear, spontaneity, and frustration,” Dobransky says. “And you’ll have to compromise and work together, which is healthy.” And while you obviously can't plan a summer rainstorm, you can remember not to sweat the little things. Your date will see you roliing with the punches, and relax, knowing you can handle anything that comes your way (and see that you can keep the romance alive, too!)

Remember to get adventurous with your summer date ideas. Try rafting on a scorching hot day; take a trip to the zoo instead of going to see a movie. Find a nearby camping ground, make a campfire, and watch the stars all night. Head to an amusement park and see how many times you can ride a roller-coaster. “Even as you’re enjoying fun physical activity, you’re learning to develop communication with the person, which is fundamental to any relationship,” says Bill Baer, director of the Manhattan Plaza Health Club in New York City.

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