Fun Summer Jobs

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What would summer be without working? Who wants to waste all of their days away doing absolutely nothing? As tempting as that sounds, we all know that doing absolutely nothing after busting your butt in classes all year is appealing for about two weeks. After that, boredom sets in and you crave human interaction, some kind of schedule and something to make yourself feel useful.

This is where a job comes in! Believe it or not, fun summer jobs DO exist. You don’t have to hate your life sitting at a desk filing papers for some obnoxious law office in your hometown.

Camp Counselor

If you like can tolerate children, counseling is easy, fun and has great hours. Check out the local summer recreation programs by going to the elementary and middle schools in your town or contact the local parks department for information on applying. A job like this means free snacks, free arts and crafts, working on your tan and having Friday nights and weekends completely free!


If bringing home money is less important to you than getting to travel this summer, WWOOFing may be right for you. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms ( will let you travel and work on organic farms all over the world! Better yet, WWOOFers are provided food and accommodations on whichever farm they choose.

Odd Jobs

If you don’t like the idea of being tied down to a job, look for some ways to increase cash flow on your own. Slide advertisements for a lawn cutting service under all your neighbors’ doors or in their mailboxes—even if you make $20 a yard, cut 5 yards and you’ve got a quick $100. Also Craigslist is a great way to look for people in your area who may need a room painted, a dog walked or another random odd job. BUT be sure to use caution!

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