From the Seniors: Summer MUSTS

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Top dog, head honcho, the big cheese, senior. All of these guys and girls know exactly what they’re talking about after three years of experience. What must you fit into your busy summer schedule? They’re here to help!

J.P. ‘The Rocket Scientist’ Muncks says, “Definitely try to go with your friends on a road trip. Whether you want to go to the city or to the beach, it doesn't matter. Spending those long car rides laughing with your friends and blasting music will be just as fun as the destination itself.” To possibly help you out while you’re at school, “Learn to cook something easy but delicious. You never know when you'll want to impress someone special with a homemade dinner while you're at school, and it's better to test it and get it right before you actually serve it!”

Laura ‘The World-Changer’ Levitt says, “If there is a restaurant or a home cooked meal you really enjoy, make sure you eat it before you leave. I really missed home cooking and the local restaurants my first year, and I really enjoy going when I'm home.” She also recommends that you “spend time with your family and really enjoy it. You'll miss them a lot more than you think you will.”

Andy ‘The Economist’ Marmer says that you must fit time in for yourself before the end of the summer. “In school there are so many demands on your time whether it is classes, work, friends or clubs that sometimes there isn't time just to relax and enjoy life.” He also suggests “making sure you see your friends from high school, especially if you all go to different schools [now]. It can be really tough to see each other and stay in touch during school,” he says.

Laura ‘The Ivy-Leaguer’ Morrison says, “I would love to say that summer is all fun (and it can be), but for me it was always balancing relaxing and enjoying the summer. I have always felt that if I wanted to go on to graduate school, I needed to not ‘waste’ my time but do something ‘worthwhile.’” Therefore, before the end of summer, make sure you take some time to relax and have fun, but you may also want to look into things that could help you in the future. Ex: find out where the career center is on campus.  

Destiny ‘The Athlete’ Jacobs says that you “must fit in working out and seeing friends and family from back home.” As a basketball player, she must stay conditioned for her sport, but like her fellow seniors, she stresses the importance of making time for the people she is closest with.

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