From the Senior: Best Studying Tips

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Top dog, head honcho, the big cheese, senior.  All of these guys and girls know exactly what they’re talking about after three years of experience.  What are the best ways to study?  Here are their suggestions and strategies!

“Listen to music while you're doing your work.  For me, it helps block out distractions, but it also helps keep me in a good mood (doing work isn't always the most fun thing in the world!).”

–J.P. ‘The Rocket Scientist’ Muncks, Aerospace Engineering, University of Virginia

“If you found study habits in high school that really helped you, don't abandon those.  If you know you need a quiet place to study, don't think that you'll be able to get any work done in a dorm room.”  She specifically “found it was really helpful to go to the library or an empty classroom” because it helped her focus.

— Laura ‘The World-Changer’ Levitt, Broadcast Journalism, Elon University

“Study early and often.  You're going to learn better if you study for an hour a day for a week than if you study for seven hours right before an exam…you'll also be a lot happier, if you're not killing yourself the day before a big assignment.”

— Andy ‘The Economist’ Marmer, Economics, Vassar College

“Definitely find your space and stick to it.  I should have spent more time in the library as a freshman.  I thought because I had a single I would get all my work done in my room, but it really isn't the right study space for me.  It's all about finding what works for you and making sure you get the stuff done so you can have fun!”

— Laura ‘The Ivy-Leaguer’ Morrison, Human Biology, Health and Society, Cornell University

“Have fun when you're studying,” says the businessman-in-the making.  This can include taking breaks to go to the gym with flashcards in hand, belting out your favorite song but changing the lyrics to cover the respiratory system or the rules of debits and credits in accounting.  Or it could be picking up the guitar that you brought to school to put your Spanish oral presentation to a tune.  “Mint [tea] helps the memory…and studies also show that if you're chewing gum when studying and you chew gum during the test, the act of chewing creates an association in the brain.”  Remember Bubble Tape?  Go get some.

 –Zack ‘The Entrepreneur’ Shapiro, Journalism with a focus in Media Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder 

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